Marine Phytoplankton

An incredible breakthrough in nutritional research has astonished Scientists: "When you give the body everything it needs to build healthy new cells then you get well"

For three billion years a single-celled microscopic organism has supported virtually all life in the Ocean including the majestic Blue Whale. For the first time ever this unique food is available to mankind. These never before seen images of Marine Phytoplankton were captured using an Electron Microscope. They reveal a complex and highly nutritious food that is being hailed by Scientists around the world as 'Nature's Holy Grail'.

Editors Comment:

Doctors, Government Agencies and diet gurus recommend we eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. What they don't tell us is how many (or how few) vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients these portions actually contain. The average Western diet includes foods that are mass produced, contaminated with chemicals and grown in soil deficient in many of the trace elements that are required for optimum health. Intensively farmed livestock, fish and poultry are often force fed with antibiotics and growth hormones that are likely to have profound long term effects on human health and wellbeing.

While premature illness and disease are at an all time high, we learn that for the first time in history more than fifty per-cent of our diet was not eaten by our ancestors. As a result, Governments are now facing almost impossible demands on their health budgets, yet they continue to 'conspire' with the giant Pharmaceutical companies who claim to offer a remedy for nearly every ailment. Drug companies cannot obtain Patents on natural foods, so they focus their resources on developing products that generate huge profits, including synthetic pills, potions and 'get well' supplements...

If Doctors prescribed superfoods like Marine Phytoplankton, there could literally be a 'sea change' in the Nation's health.

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